State and Federal Felony & Misdemeanor Drug Crimes Asheville, North Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney

Prosecutors for The United States of America and The State of North Carolina take drug crimes seriously. If you are facing drug charges, you need to know that it is incumbent on district attorneys and federal prosecutors to ensure maximum penalties are assessed against you. State and U.S. prosecutors have nearly endless resources to secure convictions. In order to balance the score, you need an experienced North Carolina criminal defense lawyer. Tony Rollman will fight for your constitutional rights no matter what kinds of drug charges you are facing. When potential mandatory prison is a consequence for some drug-related convictions, a top defense lawyer is not a luxury but a necessity. Drug cases are complex, and there are a variety of strategies to protect your rights. Aggressive, creative criminal defense is often the difference between incarceration and successful outcomes. Tony Rollman has been representing clients in Western North Carolina accused of drug crimes of all kinds for 16 years in both state and federal courts.

Some drug offenses include:

  • Drug trafficking and smuggling
  • Distribution of controlled substances
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Money laundering
  • Cultivation, drug manufacturing
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Unlicensed Internet pharmaceutical sales
  • Possession of illegal prescription medications
  • Obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or forgery
  • Maintaining a dwelling or motor vehicle to store drugs
  • Giving alcohol or tobacco to minors
  • Underage drinking

Tony Rollman provides intelligent, experienced criminal defense for all state and federal drug charges. For 17 years, we have been handling misdemeanor and felony drug crime cases for residents, visitors, and college students in Western North Carolina. Tony understands the strategies the authorities use and has a network of professional and technical resources to investigate your charges and fight for the best possible outcome. If you have been charged with a drug offense or are under investigation, the time to get started on an aggressive defense is now.