Property Crime in North Carolina

Tony Rollman defends people charged with property crimes. Property crime can fall into a range of categories and carry with them a range of penalties if you are convicted. Property crimes includes:

  • Larceny & Shoplifting
  • Concealment of Goods
  • Employee Theft and Embezzlement
  • Identify Theft and Check Forgery

If you are charged with any type of property crime, Tony Rollman can help. His job is to ensure your rights are protected, and to expose the weaknesses in any evidence the authorities claim to have against people accused of property crime. Aggressive research and investigation by defense counsel can make all the difference in whether charges against you are dropped, reduced or tried before a jury of your peers. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for you from the beginning will greatly increase your chances of minimizing the impact of charges on your permanent record.

Regardless of the evidence authorities claim to have, don’t say anything until you contact a criminal defense lawyer. Tony Rollman will make sure your rights are protected, while beginning the process of building a case in your defense. Sometimes it is in your best interest to negotiate or bargain with prosecutors. Sometimes a trial by your peers is the best. Whatever situation you find yourself in, Tony Rollman is an effective negotiator and an aggressive litigator. Criminal case consultations are cost and risk free.