Arson: Felony Property Crime in North Carolina

In North Carolina, arson is a serious felony crime. The crime of arson is defined by statute as “malicious and voluntary or willful burning of another’s house or dwelling”, and is categorized in two degrees. First Degree arson, the burning of an occupied home, is a Class D felony. It is punishable by three to five years incarceration for a first time conviction. Second Degree arson, the burning of a dwelling that is unoccupied, is a Class G felony and is punishable by 8 months to a year and a half in prison. An arson related crime, the burning of personal property, whether it belongs to you or another person, is a Class H felony and carries a potential sentence of 4-8 months imprisonment for a first time conviction. As you can see, property crimes involving the intentional setting of a fire are not taken lightly under North Carolina law.

So many times, property damages caused by arson are committed in anger. Sometimes an accident can look like an intentional act. These things can factor heavily into the outcome of your case. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure the judge and jury understand the unique circumstances surrounding an arson charge. Tony Rollman handles complex property crime cases like arson. He and a team of legal professionals and experts can help ensure each piece of evidence against you is evaluated and investigated. Call Tony for a risk free criminal defense consultation and take a proactive approach to your future.