Fraud, Forgery, Identity Theft and Embezzlement: White Collar Criminal Defense in Asheville, North Carolina

All North Carolina property crimes, no matter the level, degree or class you might be charged with, are serious and carry with them potentially life-long implications where you permanent record is concerned. It doesn’t really matter the value of the property taken, or the circumstances surrounding the offense, future employers only really care that you were convicted of fraudulent behavior, embezzlement or forgery. In an atmosphere were honesty is highly valued, the dim view they may take of a theft crime on your permanent record will have consequences. Because of this, even the most minor property crimes in this category have lasting impact. The assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney may make all the difference in protecting your record.

Known as white collar crime, these types of infractions are common in peoples’ personal lives and in corporate environments. White collar crimes can be committed for a spectrum of reasons, but more often occur in situations of financial distress than greed. Stress often leads to poor choices where consequences of one’s actions are not completely considered. It is our experience that this is often the case in issues of fraud and embezzlement.

This category of property crime includes:

• The passing of worthless checks
• Identity theft
• Fraud
• Embezzlement
• Credit card fraud
• Insurance fraud
• Embezzlement or employee theft
• Prescription drug fraud
• False identification or documentation
• Forgery of checks, title documents, or other instruments

Tony Rollman has vast experience representing people accused of white collar crimes. Some of these crimes, like insurance and corporate fraud, are quite complex and tricky to navigate. It is important to have an aggressive criminal defense attorney to help find the best result following an arrest for a white collar crime. Tony’s criminal defense consultations are cost free. He can’t help you until you call.