Larceny, Embezzlement & Shoplifting: Theft Crime in North Carolina

Stealing, shoplifting and theft

Your record and future can be permanently impacted by a shoplifting or larceny conviction. While these types of property crimes are generally considered minor, when you factor the long term consequences of having your personal history marred with a theft conviction, the definition of “minor” changes considerably. Even a youthful shoplifting offense will have a direct affect on future employment potentials. Can you imagine being thirty-something, still explaining the shoplifting conviction that occurred when you were 18? If you have been charged with a property crime of theft or shoplifting, speak with a lawyer about the options that may help salvage your future.

Tony Rollman defends clients on felony and misdemeanor property crime charges of larceny, embezzlement, shoplifting, and theft. Tony has vast experience in representing college students and other juveniles in cases of property crime. He understands that young people lack the prerequisite experience to comprehend the consequences and life-long impact a theft arrest can cause. Of course, Tony represents adults, too.

Tony Rollman does understand the havoc a marred criminal record can cause. In many cases, there are alternatives to prosecution that can be addressed, especially for individuals who have never been in trouble. He will work to get the best possible result so that you can move forward without stigma and with no need for future explanations. Call Tony for a risk free, cost free consultation.