Speeding and Reckless Driving Serious North Carolina Traffic Infractions

Speeding in North Carolina is generally an infraction and not considered a crime. Some speeding offenses are misdemeanors, and are prosecuted through the criminal court system. In North Carolina, reckless driving is a criminal offense and carries with it a permanent criminal record.

Convictions for speeding and other moving infractions cause cumulative points against your driving record. High point accumulations result in court-imposed attendance at driving clinics and possible suspension of your driving privileges. Some infractions have higher license points than others, and repeat offenses have extenuating circumstances. North Carolina considers point accumulation and certain other infractions serious enough to warrant licenses suspension or revocation.

  • Point Accumulation of twelve or more points in 3 years carries the potential of license suspension for up to 60 days. And, after this suspension, the amount of points you can accumulate in a 3 year period is cut by 1/3, while the period of suspension is increased three-fold.
  • Speeding more that 15 mph over the speed limit when the speed limit is less than 55 mph, is a minimum mandatory 30 day North Carolina Drivers License suspension.
  • Racing:  If you are convicted of participating in, observing or betting on a planned race on a public highway, your driving privileges will be suspended for 3 years. To be charged with reckless driving in the State of North Carolina, you do not have to be driving erratically. There are two different ways to meet the criteria of reckless driving:

In North Carolina, if you are caught driving at least 15 miles per hour over the speed limit in a location where the speed limit is less than 55 miles per hour you can be charged with reckless driving, and any speed over 75 mph can carry a charge of reckless driving as well. Under North Carolina law, reckless driving is a class 2 misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to 60 days in jail. A conviction for reckless driving carries 4 points on your driver’s record, and up to one year suspension of your driving privilege. Fines and driving courses can exceed $1,000, and your insurance company will rate you as a bad risk for years in the future, costing hundreds of dollars more a year.

A traffic mistake, even a rather bold lapse in judgement, should not result in a life-long criminal record, and certainly not incarceration. Tony Rollman knows this is something you didn’t expect, and the stress it can cause. Don’t loose hope. We may be able to help you reacquire limited driving privileges during your sentence. North Carolina recognizes that you must continue to care and provide for you and those entrusted to you. Tony can evaluate your unique circumstances and let you know exactly where you stand. Call Tony Rollman for a free consultation today.